Creative CV


I wanted to make my CV personal to me yet still have a strong element of professionalism to it. Throughout my final ear I seem to have had a running theme throughout my sketchbooks with include details similar to the boarder on this CV. I thought this would be a nice way to introduce myself, with a little colour and pattern that represent something continuous about myself and my work. I spoke to Amelia and Dan Peterson about how I should go about creating the boarder, as I wasn’t sure how drawing it up before opening it in photoshop would work out, however Dan told me it was possible if I scanned in my image at 600dpi and made sure the background was completely white and remove and dirt spots. I then did the rest on photoshop. My photoshop skills are not great I will admit that it took a lot of playing around with to figure out which tool does which job, but it was quite a fun process. I tried to keep the colours simple and to a colour scheme which again is one that has seemed to crop up throughout my work in this final year. I have also published my CV on my website.


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