The Book.

Now the photos and title are all ready for the book, it’s just a case of getting it put together and sent off to the printers. I haven spoken with both Dan and Amelia a lot over this recent period relating back to the book a lot and just generally checking I am on the right track with it. I had a pretty strong idea of how I wanted it to be presented and how it will look, so when I proposed this to the both of them I was pleased when they agreed with me. By having a full image on the left hand side of the double page spread, the viewer is immediately drawn into that image and their eyes show flurry over the objects inside the image until they meet with one of my ceramic tumours. On the right hand said of the spread will be a centred square, and inside a cropped image of the one opposite highlighting the placement of the piece. This is drawing upon what I have been aiming for throughout this project. Firstly we have a full image showing my pieces in selected environments; these larger images highlight my aim of having them included in everyday routines and scenarios. Combining this image with the cropped and more focussed image then brings the viewer to question why have I done this? What is the purpose of doing so? This should then hopefully bring them to take a small step back and wonder how does this affect me? How are these pieces included in my life? Or in someone else’s life? From this I hope conversations are made, questions are asked and answers are shared.


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.48.29

Screenshot of PDF

The above image is a screenshot of the exported PDF of my book (which is now all ready to be sent off to Abbey Printing). Obviously the pages would be side by side in the book, however for printing purposes this is how the PDF needs to be. The image is to give you an idea of how the two pages work together in bringing the viewer to an understanding of how to travel throughout the book. This is the most successful image from the series in my book so I have decided to have this image as the first in my book. Something I have always remembered Chris Glynn teaching us in the first year is to always start on a powerful image and finish on a powerful image. (Remember this little tip for when it comes to your VIVA VOCE!).

I took a trip down to Abbey Printers once the main body of my book was complete to talk over the appearance, paper and the cover. In their printers, they printer the inside of the book first and they print the cover separately, meaning I need to have 2 different InDesign files; one for each. As the inside of my book was complete I handed that over to them there and then, then we spoke about details. I have decided to get three A5 books printed, with hard covers and matt paper, with silk paper on the inside. We spoke about the specifications for the book cover so that I could bring that file to them in a few days in order to get that printed separately.


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