Title for the Book

It actually managed to completely slip my mind that I will need to give my book a title. I had been so wrapped up in the making that I had forgotten. Anyway, I took this concern to Amelia in a tutorial and we began to work up a title. We started with the word ‘Ubiquity’, meaning being everywhere all of the time. This is very fitting for my work, however just not right for the title of my book. So I began to research the word online to see what other options came up, when I found myself stumbling across everyday sayings. I eventually came across my title.

IN HOLES AND CORNERS; secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed.


It works extremely well when explaining just what my little clay pieces are getting upto in those images, and it has a good flow and ring to it. It also works rather well when you think about the shapes of my pieces, and how they have been made. Their surfaces are all rather misshapen and textured, all with unique details that you sort of have to move your body and bend to see underneath or around them, just like trying to peek into a hole or corner.


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