Next batch of Photographs

I managed to get another lovely day for weather and lighting. On this shoot I managed to do all my photos from home, meaning I had easy access to all the things I needed for the photos. I am confident with the results from these 4 settings and feel as though I have at least of usable and successful image from each shoot. My favourite from the shoot has to be the images using a handbag as a prop. Because the bag and the clothing are both dark, this really makes the colours of the piece stand out against everything else, yet with the movement of the person featuring in the image, we are still reminded that t is not being paid enough attention. The same goes for the dressing table set up. I struggled with these images a little, and although I may have a few that I feel could work well in my book, I wasn’t particularly blown away by any. Amelia agreed with this, and we decided to look back through the originals together to see if we could find an image that did the trick. The piece I used in those images worked the best due to its shape. This allowed me to experiment with the lighting and almost create a silhouette of the piece, outlining its lumpy surface, yet still enough lighting on it to capture the colours. The bike basket photos are also up there with one of my favourite scenarios. It took us a while to find the best angle and capture the piece naturally, but we got these in the end. Another great thing about these images are that they are colourful and bright. This is something I want to be conscious of when putting my book together, mixing up the images and being conscious of which are light and dark, so therefore this image will mostly likely feature in the centre of my book. Another strong point about the brightness and colour of this image is that it makes it and all round beautiful image; the flowers really give the image a focus point, cause the eye to have to wander along in order to find the piece. Because the piece is more hidden in these photos, the viewer has to look a little harder, but by that point the viewer will understand the purpose of the book and will understand that the piece needs to be looked for. With the bookshelf images, I wanted to keep these rather simple. I wasn’t sure whether the lamp in the background should stay in the images so I experimented a little with removing it from the images. We later decided that the images were more successful with the lamp in as it makes it feel more natural and in someones home environment. The colours of the bookshelf really bring out the colours in the piece. This piece worked best in this series of images, and I think that’s due to the solid yellow base glaze.

Now I need to whittle it down to 1 chosen image from each series, leaving me wth a total of 8 images. Then to get it into InDesign and a double check with both Amelia and Dan P before sending off the the printer!




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