Photographs: Studio Desk

I’m still pretty happy with how the first round of photographs came out. I managed to get in to see Amelia and show her the ones I have picked out so far for the final. I found this extremely helpful as it gave me a much better insight into what these photos need to be doing. Whilst looking over these photos, we kicked a few of them out of the group as they were not working as well as the others. I knew that there would need to be a few more days where I would have to keep myself free in order to take photos, so after speaking with Amelia we managed to figure out the images that are the strongest that I have taken so far, and which ones didn’t quite make the cut.

Before speaking with Amelia I had the chance to take some more photos. This time I used the space in the studio, and took advantage of peoples personalised desks. This also gave me a chance to work with different people in my photographs. Unfortunately none of these photos made the cut; there was just something not right about them. The biggest problem was that the photos seemed too staged, therefore overlooking the real purpose of the photos. The idea and theory were there behind them, but they just weren’t strong enough to make it into the book. Here are some examples below:



At the time I thought it was going to be a problem and set me back quite a bit, however looking back now I have all my finals I am glad to say it was the right decision letting this series go. After this, I planned out the next batch of photos that I wanted to get together. Trying to get myself back into the swing of making natural photographs, I headed out for another try.



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