Plans for Photographs

Now that my pieces are ready to be worked with, I decided to do some sketches of how I imagine this process to go. I started to think about the scenarios I wanted to put these pieces into, and there were quite a few things I had to take into consideration. I am constantly reminding myself of the subject matter I am dealing with here. I want to be mindful of where I take my pieces to be photographed, taking into consideration the places that I approach and how they may react to my asking of photographing there, and also to be careful of the people that may be around me when I am taking these photos, and being careful not to upset anyone around me.

For these photos, I wanted think about what we do in our day-to-day lives and on our daily routines. So to do this I retraced my steps through these past few days to get to grips on how many things I personally do on my routines that I could potentially use to as settings for some photographs. So here’s what I get up to on a normal day:

Wake up, wash my face and make my bed. In the kitchen, make a cup of tea and breakfast, and have a little tidy up and make my lunch for the day. Afterwards, go back to my bedroom and get ready for the day, and pack up my backpack. Leaving for the bus or getting my belongings together in my bike basket, I head into University. There I make, draw, write and think a whole range of things. When i’m done, I head home, make dinner, do some work and then head off to sleep.

That is a normal day for me. There are plenty of situations there that I could use for scenarios for some photographs, and would like to see if I can make this happen. The reason I want to use some of these scenarios are because although this is my daily routine, it is probably rather similar to those of others. In terms of making cups of tea and breakfast, lunch and dinner, these are pretty much world-wide routines therefore people will be able to relate and connect.

I then started to think about everyone else and what people may get up to outside of their homes and establishments. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but more along the lines of meeting someone for tea or lunch, driving, waiting for a bus or train, shopping in either a supermarket or home store. These are just base ideas that I shall develop through sketches. The most important aspect to stick with through these photos is to highlight the everyday, and that sadly, cancer is always there and around us. These objects are here to be used as talking points, hoping to further develop understanding and perceptions of the subject.

Here are some sketches of the kind of photographs I am looking to take:

As you can see from the sketches, I am looking to keep my photographs rather simple and minimalist. I don’t want there to be too much happening in my photo’s, so that the viewers eye scans the image for a while before meeting the object. I want there to be enough there and enough going on to resemble the situation I am trying to portray, but not too much the the viewer is confused and flooded by a busy image, losing the point and focus.

I am also keen to include people in my images. This then helps reinforce the routines I am recreating for the photographs, but most importantly it brings it back to the human. One thing I have been conscious of throughout this project is trying to remain humane and sensitive. It’s rather easy to move away from the person with a subject matter of this sort, and focus on the science of it all, however I would like these objects to come hand in hand with the people they are put around. Something that I am paying close attention to are the people tat I could to feature in my photographs. I am trying to appeal and reach out to all audiences, not just a specific age. To avoid this, I am going to attempt to use people of all different ages groups, ethnicities and cultures. Hopefully this way I can reach out to all audiences possible. Another thing whilst taking my photos to be aware of, is not making the set up seem too staged; I would like my photos to be a natural as they can be.


Out of the sketches above, the ones that stood out to me the most and that I think will create a successful image include the two people sharing a pot of tea together, someone eating a meal, having the object in a bag/handbag and I am warming to the birds eye view of someone’s working desk. The sketch of the object being present whilst someone is sleeping on the sofa gives off strong creepy and unsettling vibes; I find this interesting as it gives these photographs a new dimension and perception of the disease. and what i’m trying to get these photos to say. The same goes for the object sitting on a shelf/bookcase/in a cupboard; the notion of opening a cupboard door to reach for something and almost brush past one of these tumours to simply close the door on it again is rather interesting. Again it has a rather sinister vibe to it- again it is almost as if it is playing a game of hide and seek, waiting to be found to jump out at you or make you jump.. depending on how hard we are looking. these are some photos that I would definitely like to attempt at capturing successfully.

The sketch of the fruit bowl leaves me a little unsure. This is because I don’t want to relate these cancerous objects to any kind of lifestyle. For example I will not be photographing my tumours in situations that involve drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. So the same goes for the fruit bowl; I do not want to put my pieces in and amongst other pieces of fruit to avoid the viewer drawing connections with cancer and healthy lifestyle. The same could go for the shopping basket too, the ingredients and items that are collected in the basket could also cause connections to be made to lifestyle choices.



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