Research: Dam Lam

I stumbled across an article recently on Juxtapoz showcasing Dan Lam’s work. I immediately fell in love. It didn’t specify greatly what her aims are for these pieces, but as described in the article, they could be anything from forms from another planet, or remnants from a radioactive spill. She works across media, employing foam, resins, wood and paint.

What stood out for me the most with Lam’s work have to be the forms and colours used. As you know by now my love for shape and colours combined have grown immensely over these past few months so I found myself extremely drawn to this work. Hanging on walls, it would be difficult to not let these pieces catch your eye. The way she used the colours and the tiny details can’t help but make you feel as though they are pulsating towards you, almost as though you could be covered in this mass within a matter of minutes. Being able to create work that gives the impression that for all you know it could be a live, I find an incredible skill to have, and is something I wish to hold within my own works.



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