Professional Practice: Business Cards

Another part of professional practice is to design our business cards for the upcoming degree show and most likely afterwards. Something fantastic about having Dan P as a tutor is that he gets things done and he knows his people. Each year Dan P uses the same printer for the business cards and we get them done all together. By doing this, it will make the overall cost cheaper. Dan P was extremely helpful with the designing process of the cards, and we were going to get an indesign workshop planned but we ended up being short on time with the Bristol exhibition looming. Dan offered to give us a helping hand for the people who struggle to use programs such as indesign, and simply asked us to send him some photographs or scans of our works that we wanted on our cards, and he left the rest to himself! Some people were savvy enough to be able to put something together themselves, however I was not one of these people. This year we were asked to get them done a little earlier than usual due to the Bristol exhibition, so everyone had to do this earlier in order the get them printed together. I sent my designs of to Dan and he sent back what he had put together and they were lovely!

Here’s the designs that Dan sent me back, and I replied instantly explaining how happy I was with the results. I checked all the details were correct and that was that. They took a little longer than we expected to print, and the people who were participating in the first week of the Bristol exhibition had a window of time where they were without their cards at the show, however Dan dropped them off to the gallery. Due to the cards being printed earlier than we expected, I panicked slightly at what I would be including on them. I originally told Dan that I thought I would need 2 different business cards, one for the Bristol exhibition and another for the degree show. This was because the work I decided to show in the Bristol show is completely to the work that I am making for my degree show. I spoke to Dan about this and in the end we decided to have an image of each illustration technique on both sides of the card, making it multi-functional and expressing both areas of illustrating that I am interested in and keen to work in.


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