Test Glazes: 3

Third time lucky, right?

The results are mixed once again. My favourite blues out of my collection so far is the tile in the bottom right hand corner. This is the blue that has been test for the third time due to not being able to find the correct thickness. However, I think today I got it. The only problem I feel I have with this colour is that it comes out of the kiln matt rather than glossy, and I would like al my glazes to be glossy. However this is easily sorted, I shall just have to add a layer of earthenware transparent over the top and the job should be done.

The next tile that I tested for the third time is the darker blue that has still come out of the kiln with a green layer over the colour I need and want. I spoke to Matt about this and asked if he thought it was burning in the kiln, and whether I should try firing this glaze at a different temperature, however he seemed unsure. For this reason I have now decided to ditch this glaze and shall not be using it on any of my final pieces as I do NOT want this green layer to transfer onto my pieces.

The two top tiles are the final blue that I mixed up. I have tested this again since my first batch of tiles, as I didn’t feel as though it was the right colour. It seemed a little too bright and intrusive on first sight, however when I began to understand that my darker blue probably wasn’t going to make the cut, I decided to give it another chance. I used that glaze on two test tiles, applying two different thicknesses on both so that I could get a greater idea of how this glaze reacts in the kiln. And I have to admit, I should have never of doubted this glaze! I have fallen in love. This bright blue is lovely and enticing, bright and playful, and I feel this blue will work well with some of those yellows I mixed up and tested last.


All test tiles together.


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