Tumour 5

I have decided to make something a little different this time. As they are kind of coming out in pairs almost, I shall make the next two a little different yet similar in their own ways. Like before, I had found a really interesting article online which explained in great detail more about the evolution of cancer. This article focussed mainly on the recent breakthroughs in treatments for the disease, however the imagery that they used to help explain this is what caught my eye.

Working from this imagery I began to think about how I could use this to help me design my next piece. Still sticking with the evolution theory, I wanted to see how much further I could take the materials I am using to enhance these important details.


Here’s one of many pages from my sketchbook design this piece. I really wanted to work with the imagery I had found from the article and I decided to go for a similar shape the two others of the tumours I have already made. This is being conscious of the shapes of my objects as I go along now, realising I have 3 (now including this one) longer pieces, and 2 spherical pieces. So my next piece will be spherical. When making this piece, I didn’t think it would actually survive, and I very nearly decided to completely destroy it and design another, but I carried on through. The most difficult part to make for this piece were the long thin strips of clay that connect to the big balls on each end of the piece. The bigger balls were easy to attach, scoring both sides of the clay before putting them together. I then added smaller balls around where some of the strips meet the base. When make these thin threads, they would stick well but then as they dried then began to crack. So when I left my piece to dry over the night, when I returned in the morning I found myself having to do many repairs. However I managed to get this piece stable and I got it into the kiln safe and sound, and it even survived bisque firing! Horah! I’m hoping this piece wont be too cell-like, and will be able to be see aesthetically not just scientifically.


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