Tumour 4

Similar to my second piece, I wanted to create another piece that carries some qualities of my previous tumour. This is again highlighting the evolution process, yet keeping each piece individual. To work with the growing idea, I design this piece in a way almost looks as though there is a second one attached on the side of the first; almost like it has doubled up and mutated.

This piece carries many of the same qualities to the last, and there isn’t too much that I have changed besides the fact that it’s a doubled version of the last. Some slight changes include me making this piece a little more aggressive. Instead of being completely smooth and soft to touch, I have made some areas of this piece rather spikey and a little sharp. The colours will calm this piece down and give it the edge of being approachable that I have worked with throughout the year, yet with slightly sharper edges, this takes us back to how these tumours change, and unfortunately most cases they are deemed ‘aggressive’ to the sufferers, or they become aggressive, so I have tried to combine this with my attempt to make them approachable. Aggressive and approachable are not an easy combination to get together, so i’m hoping through the glazing process I shall be able to achieve this.


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