Tumour 3

When creating my previous tumour, I felt as the the spherical shape was rather successful, and I wanted to explore this further. After researching online and coming across a number of articles online, I began to develop a greater understanding of just how these tumours grow and develop inside us. When in our bodies, the tumours evolve the longer they are with us, growing as we grow. Our bodies immune systems struggle to fight them off so much as they evolve in a way that fights back with the immune system cells. I wanted to work with this idea of evolution and highlighting the different tumour regions and growth.

Working with this idea that the tumours grow with us and at the same time develop complex tumour regions I began to design my next piece. Working with a base design for the original tumour regions, and then adding detail areas to represent the growth, I ended up with something a little like this:


I’m feeling confident with this piece; the detailed areas contrast against the smooth texture of the base, and once coloured these areas will be highlighted and will stand out. The base body is designed to look as though it is throbbing, growing, as though it is alive.



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