After the first tumour working so well and surviving the firing in the kiln, it was time to make more. Still working from microscopic images from research, I began to design another. Something I wanted to work on throughout these pieces, is the theme of evolving. Making each piece different and individual, I wanted to see if I could take details from one tumour and create them onto the next, creating some idea of continuity. Here is my second piece and development:

The making of this piece proved to be extremely difficult and I found myself repairing this piece more often than I had hoped. When the clay is still damp it is extremely fragile, and due to me making the detailed areas of this piece almost propel from the surface of the base, one wrong touch would make one them snap off. This didn’t prove itself difficult until the majority of the surface area began to be covered. I had worked with it balanced in a mug to begin with, then when it got a little more busier I tried to work with it balanced on scrunched up newspaper. This worked rather well, only one or two of them fell off. However when I went to put it in the kiln, another two fell off in the firing process and therefore they shall be attached and glazed separately afterwards. I am happy with this piece. I feel as though the detailed areas highlight the idea of growth and the evolution of the tumours within the body, mutilating as they grow. I made it big enough to fit comfortably in both hands, making this piece able to be handled will by viewers therefore hoping to build a connection between viewer and work. Being able to interact with the work ables connections and relationships to built, later leading to a greater understanding.


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