Research: Virginia Scotchie


When looking through that Gaze book that I got out of the library, I came across many inspirational glaze artists. One of those artists being Virginia Scotchie. Purely on a aesthetic basis, her works jumped put to me. Her use of shape, texture and colour I found all very relatable to the work I am producing myself. The use of bright and exciting colours has an extreme striking effect on her works and really catches the eye of the viewer. These colours combined with the textures of her work invites you to ask questions about the relationship between the two. Scotchie focusses on the difference between the use of man made objects and materials to those of the natural kind. Using the rough surface of her objects to mimic the effect of time making and un-making a form is a process she believes can be seen in both natural and un-natural forms. The juxtaposition of these textured surfaces paired with the smooth surface of the metal works enhances the relationship Scotchie is highlighting between man-made and natural objects. Alongside these qualities, we have the many different shapes of her work. Again, this is something that really captured my attention. The shapes of her forms are very organic and work well with her subject matter. She works with the shapes and uses of everyday objects, and uses sentimental items that have been handed to her by loved ones, or that she has carried throughout her life.

“I do not wish for this work to be named or labeled, rather, it is my intention that through the borrowing and reformation of objects the work might trigger one to look closer and find beauty and intrigue in the humble, ordinary and familiar objects that surround us.”


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