The Vanity of Small Differences


Grayson Perry

We were extremely lucky to be able to get on a nice warm coach and be taken to Bath to see Grayson Perry’s most recent exhibition, ‘The Vanity of Small Differences’. This exhibition was an excellent depiction of class in today’s society, telling a story through 6 beautifully crafted tapestries. Grayson Perry describes:

“The tapestries tell the story of class mobility, for I think nothing has as strong an influence on our aesthetic taste as the social class in which we grow up. I am interested in the politics of consumerism and the history of popular design but for this project I focus on the emotional investment we make in the things we choose to live with, wear, eat, read or drive. Class and taste run deep in our character – we care. This emotional charge is what draws me to a subject”.

I have always been heavily influenced by Perry’s work. I have never worked with subject matter the same, but for me he has always been to artists that gives you that ‘wow’ feeling when you find yourself in the same as his work. Something I think that helps make this happen for me is that his work is detailed and interactive, which is what I am now learning I respond to best both in others work and my own. His work is busy, colourful, big and inviting and I can never take my eyes away. His pottery works have also been a huge influence on me, and I was also lucky enough to see them in the Tate Modern last year.

I didn’t leave this exhibition without buying his book. In there he shares with us many of his sketchbook pages, and as i’m sure you know, I do love my sketchbook. So this will be a feast fir my eyes, and something I can resort back too when I find myself in that good old artist block.


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