Artist Statement

Sometimes I find it hard to believe just how well our bodies are put together, how they manage to fight off illnesses that creep up on us and how they even manage to grow another one of us inside, then shrink back to its normal self. With my work I intend to focus on this beauty, revealing the parts of our bodies that we don’t usually give thought to. Uncovering the delicate secrets of what lurks beneath our skin, peeling back our protective layer and exposing the world within us. Diving deeper into this fascination, I am working closely with anomalies, with my current focus mainly on Cancers that grow in our bodies and attempting to create them in a way to entice you to spend time with them, and maybe ask them a few questions.

Being conscious of the fact that I am working with sensitive subject matters, I began using comforting, calming and inviting materials. These included using a variety of different wools and threads to stitch, knit and crochet with. By using these warming materials I am presented with an opportunity to combine them with tricky and intimidating subject matter and create work that deflects these negative connotations and furthermore presents a brighter side; almost un-tabooing a taboo.

As of recent I have moved away from these materials and I’m focusing on working with clay. As time progressed I found myself wanting to explore other ways of producing the ideas that are keeping me company, and how these different materials will effect interaction and interpretation of my work. Working with clay gives me an opportunity to explore texture, shape and it also contrasts nicely to wool materials. Alongside this, I shall be experimenting with various different types of glazing for my objects in order to bring colour into my work. Colour is an important part of my work; I work with warm, light and soft colours that are used in order to sooth and relax those who interact with my work. All of these features combined, I hope to create pieces of work that become ‘everyday objects’ , as diseases like cancer are unfortunately part of our everyday lives, presenting them in and amongst our daily routines. Combining all of these features together, I shall be using the objects I create as a talking point for he subject matters I work with, furthermore hoping to raise awareness, develop better understandings and to awaken conversation.


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