Thinking About Each Other

It was lovely getting some extra time to focus on the completion of dissertations, however it was equally as lovely getting out of that hell hole and being able to get back into our own work, and also each others.

Amelia and Martyn began to gently remind us that it wont be long until we have to start thinking a lot more about the construction of our degree show and who will be showing where. Prior to this, a few sheets of paper were put up outside our studio with different titles. These were a range of groups where it was up to us to sign ourselves into the ones that we felt best represented the subject matter of our project work. Out of the groups available, I signed myself into ‘Narratives of the Body’. In this group with me are Hannah, Ayu, Muirghein, Jen and Georgia.

We had a morning workshop with Martyn and Amelia where we were asked to think about a few things and get into our groups and begin to speak about our own works and have conversations with each other about the possibilities ahead in reference to our degree show, and more importantly how our works go well together and how they can be exhibited together.

We were asked to begin to think of an artist statement for ourselves. Mondays were to become the days where we meet in our groups and keep ourselves familiar with what we’re up to. This statement is only to be around 300-500 words. Thinking about how the work fits into the themes we’ve put ourselves in, and once they are finished they are to be displayed together in a collection in our designated meeting space. Some things to think about are:

  • What am I doing?
  • How am I doing it?
  • Why am I doing it?
  • What influences me the most?
  • What do I want others to understand?
  • How does my work relate to my surroundings?
  • What is my relationship towards my medium and materials and the subject matter?

All of these pointers should help towards the creation of our statements. Some other things we need to be thinking about a lot more is what each of us need for the show, and if we aren’t too sure yet or struggling to think of how we will be showing our work yet, then putting in the time to help one another think of these things. For example, from our first meeting on that Monday, we all learnt that Ayu would like to be able to create a room-like scenario, most likely something representing a kitchen. On learning this, it then becomes a responsibility to us all to think about whose work will look good next to one another, and also being there to help each other be able to reach their aims for their degree show.



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