Christmas break came and went pretty fast. The break began with the ending of the ‘Exposure-’ exhibition, after which I returned home to Nottingham and ate too much food. My Christmas break was mostly full of focusing on completing my dissertation, alongside trying to find enough time to spend time with my family and also myself! I actually found myself being rather productive, which surprised me as I had predicated sleeping for the 4 weeks, with me possibly waking up for Christmas dinner and then returning to hibernation. A Christmas Miracle!

Upon returning to University in January the 11th, we were magically, thankfully, miraculously given the first week back to focus on getting the dissertations finished and out of the way. This came in so handy, as I wasn’t especially behind however I needed the extra time to be able to fully focus on that essay, rather than switching between trying to focus on project work and then dissertation, I think my brain would have gone into meltdown. Saying that, that week was brutal. By the end of it I had make my way through unhealthy amounts of malted milk biscuits (the chocolate ones) and only god could know how many cups of tea were thrown down my neck. Most of this time was spent doing the editing part of the essay, and found myself being able to read lots of extra books that seemed to really vamp up the thesis. Lets just hope it actually did.


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