Some things to think about~

Here are some things I have been sent away to think about after another tutorial with both Amelia and Martyn:

  • The element of self discovery so far.
  • What happens to these deadly cells when they receive treatment
  • The fact and idea that they’re actually living things that carry an innocence with them as they do NOT grow with intention to harm.
  • They exist, so what is their existence?
  • Our bodies are their home, WE grow it. it is OURS.
  • These inherited diseases are part of being a human, part of our families before us that pass down into our genes and follow us throughout our lives.
  • Re-humanising the cancer cells I will be looking at
  • The narrative of this subject matter, the voice, the story.
  • To really understand all of this, I need to explore further and develop a strong understanding of my subject matter.


Martyn mentioned mustering up a creative piece of writing with my cancer cells as the main characters. By doing this, this may help me to understand what voice I want my work to have, and by writing this out beforehand (Clearly I am very chatty and my sketchbooks are mostly filled with my thought-vomit just trying to figure everything out) so I think this would be a great idea).





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