Answer Those Questions!

After my tutorial with Amelia and Martyn, I was advised to go away and think about some important questions about my work. They both thought that if I managed to ask myself these questions and answer them then I would be able to get a better understanding of what I think its purpose is.

Articulate what it is that you want to do –

I want to create 3D felt/wool sculptures of deadly diseases, such as cancer, HIV/AIDs and so on. I want to use soft and comforting materials such as wool, felt wool, thread and so on. I also want to work with bright and inviting colours so that these two aspects combined create a calming and comforting atmosphere.

WHAT am I trying to do? Trying to communicate? –

By making 3D models of these deadly and life threatening microscopic enemies , I am hoping to create them in a way that isn’t so scary, distressing and intimidating. I hope to highlight these objects, and attempt to highlight a brighter side in order to not send viewers into distress. By doing this I wish  to invite the viewer to ask questions. By asking questions, a better understanding of the diseases are developed. I am keen to keep the identity of the objects I’ll be making a secret, until whomever is viewing the work has spent enough time with it to develop a connection through interaction (holding, moving, smelling) and then reveal what they are.

WHAT impact am I trying to have? –

I would like to be able to invite people to ask more questions about the subject matters that I am working with, hopefully allowing to ask questions about ‘how’ and ‘why’. How do tumours grow? Why do they grow? These are the kind of questions I would like my work to provoke from my audience. By doing this I hope to help develop a better understanding of the diseases, which I believe would help people with handling the subject matter whether they have a personal relationship with it (this could help with grieving, accepting) or whether they do not have a a personal connection, yet would like to develop and learn more about the subject. All in all, I would like to have a strong sense of comfort within my work and maybe some reassurance.

Some Key words to think about:

  • Acknowledge
  • Invite
  • Communicate
  • Interact
  • Understand
  • Calm
  • Reaction

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