Experimenting with Wool

After all of that thinking and figuring out, I finally mustered up the courage to begin actually knitting something! Before doing so I wanted to go hunting for the right wool. I wanted to keep my wool not too thick for now, so it is easier for me to work with. I already had some really lovely golden yellow wool that I knew I’d love to work with, but I really wanted some vibrant blues to work with also. I knew I always wanted to work with blue, but blue and yellow together are a really lovely combination. I eventually found a vibrant elective light blue to work with alongside my yellow, and also two other rather funky wools. I had never worked with this style of wool before so it’s something new for me. On the strands of the wool there are little loops of loose and unwound wool. When it is lay out flat it is rather clear to see what the wool is like, however to work with it is another story completely. As I am using crochet to work with, this wool can be difficult when it comes to trying to pull the wool through itself, it is easy for it to get tangled and knotted. Don’t get me wrong this was extremely frustrating for a good half an hour before I put it down for a bit and went back to it later. I tried to create the same shapes I had been making with the normal wool, and it didn’t turn out too bad. However saying this, I maybe wouldn’t use this wool for the main body, or for big knit projects, as it can be a pain to work with, and unless you do not mind having detail lost, then I’d say it’s better to use this wool for minimal details. Saying this, it does create quite a nice abstract shape, with plenty of texture and character. Below are some photos of the things I have managed to create so far, with my crochet needle next to them for size. These are just little experiments to trial out the ideas that I have so far.

 As you can see from the photos above, the shapes aren’t exactly what you would call ‘right’. Now that could just be me being the picky person I am, but I’m not that picky and they are wrong. These were only experimental pieces, and I am now learning that maybe, to get the size and shape I want, it would make more sense to make individual pieces and eventually attach them all together. I struggled mostly with creating the main body shape in a continuous crochet, which is the first image. the left hand side of the shape id near enough what I was going for, however when I came to reducing my stitch and increasing again to create the next half, I dragged it out and added too many stitches/didn’t increase quickly enough, causing myself to elongate my shape. However by doing this I definitely developed a better understanding of how to work the wool and needle, and my plan from here is to go much bigger, and attempt to make this shape.

sketch tumour

In the mean time, I decided to give something else a go. The shape that I am trying to make is the above photo, a sketch taken from a microscopic image of a cancerous cell. As you can see the main body is he part I had a difficult time trying to crochet, so I moved onto the circular objects that jump off the surface. These were much easier to make and gave me a good chance to experiment with colour scheme. I would like to work with blue for sure, and for the middle of the main body and the outside details, I would like to work with either yellow or orange. I do quite like to work with opposite colours, I feel they work well with my work.

crochet circles


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