Feedback – (Stop dragging your feet about)

It’s been a little bit all over the place with all of this 3rd year malarkey but its (hopefully) all under control.

As always I thought I had my head screwed on rather well when it came to formative assessments, but getting the feedback proved me otherwise. But that’s okay, it isn’t too out of the ordinary anymore.

For my presentation I had a power-point slide consisting of 20 slides. These slides included photo’s from my trip to London’s Hunterian Museum, the sketches I had made from that trip and finally what I had been working on until that point. Now I think it was at this point where things began to go a little wrong.

 I had been working very closely with Calico and some lovely embroidery threads that I had gotten from Maggie down in Textiles. I had been using the embroidery rings from textiles also in order to make the calico taut and easier to work with. I drew on some of the drawings I had collected from my journey to London, placed alongside each other to eventually to form a complete landscape of illustrations. As said before I used the colour scheme which is set in place to attract the viewers eye, and by using the thread and calico, there is hopefully a calming feel to the work.

When it came to presenting I lay out my stitch work in front of Amelia and Martin along with my sketchbook open on the pages that homed my drawings. I felt like the presentation itself went rather well and I felt as though I managed to articulate my ideas and intentions properly. After the presentations it would then be 2 weeks before we received our feedback. I found my feedback rather confusing and I think they both picked up on this rather quickly (it probably didn’t help that It was very early on a monday morning and I wasn’t quite alive yet). I think mostly I felt as though I had expressed what I really wanted to do and what I have been researching in those 2 weeks, and what new techniques I wanted to be trying, but I felt as though that was all looked over rather quickly and I didnt really get to hear their opinion on that. Here are some of the main issues raised:

  • I have been too reticent with the project and I need to claim it
  • I need to be more ambitious as I am almost ‘untabooing a taboo’
  • Be more daring and take more risks
  • Remember the work is for the world, not for myself

When it came to the end of the meeting I was extremely lost, almost like I’d been swallowed up in the black hole that is greatly known as the Artist Block, all within the space of about 20 minutes. I almost couldn’t leave the seat, so I asked them what on earth do I do with myself now? At this point I was extremely keen to try out felting (which I shall blog about afterwards) and thought it was another great way to incorporate soft materials and colours with the tricky subject matters of my work, but they didn’t seem to like the idea. Amelia mentioned to me to be careful about becoming too ‘crafty’, however I feel as though I wouldn’t be crafty if I’m making this as something to look over ather than something someone may purchase as a gift or for themselves? I’m not sure about this, but I think I am willing to give it a go to find out. So after asking them both what I should be doing with myself, they told me that I should really give some hard and thorough thought into my materials I am using, ideas, where they will go in both context and importance; what place do you think it will be? It was also mentioned to look at some Cancer adverts and helplines pages to see how they address the issue, listen to their voices, and decided what tone of voice it is that I want to have with my work. So my plan for the next few days afterwards was to answer al these questions to see if I could get a better understanding of what the hell I was doing.

The next morning I woke and emailed Amelia asking if I could have another meeting with her and Martyn as I was just too stuck and confused. We arranged for the following Friday.


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