Under the Skin

– – – The Body – – –

My focus for my first project of the year is the human body. Having recently re-discovered how beautiful it is I knew that this is something I’m really going to enjoy working on. I am only keen to focus on the structure and form of the body; the patterns, the shapes, and even the textures. One thing I am absolutely certain about is that I do not want to work too closely with organs, especially because I find that the organs are too closely related with emotions. They come with so many connotations these days and to put it bluntly, it isn’t my thing. For example, the heart is connected with feeling love, the mind connected with inelegance and so on. I don’t want my work to be about that, I want to show to pure beauty in how we are put together!

– – – Under the Skin – – –

For now I would like to stay rather close to the surface, not diving too into the body just yet. This means I would like to focus primarily on the bones, the muscles and maybe the tendons and veins also. I am as of yet undecided whether I would like to delve into things such as blood cells, windpipe, and all these extra parts of the body we can’t see. But there’s still time for all that as of yet. I needed to get myself some reading and research done, so far I have been looking rather closely at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, thank you to Jack Alexander for lending me an extremely beautiful book that I have been looking at religiously. I began to do some of my own drawings of parts of the body. One thing that I am also certain of is that I am also not so keen on full body images, I like to take a section of the body, pull it out and focus on that. Having a full completed drawing (for example) of the human body gives you a lot to look at, and I would really like to bring the viewer in to focus on an aspect of our build that they would have may passed by before. This also gives me the opportunity to help people to learn about features of the body that they may not have been aware of before, which is rather lovely.

So here are some sketches to get me back into the swings of things and to remind me that I am an illustrator and I can do this. Something that also struck me over the summer is that if I am going to be working in 2D, although I am trying to pull myself away from it, I would like to also try and pry that fine-liner out of my hand. I have longed to get myself working more and more with coloured pencils for a while now, and recently I designed an album cover and I decided to work with them then, and I fell in love instantly. I am really drawn to their softness, and it almost gives me a huge sense of nostalgia when working with them, as it reminds me of being young and the children’s book illustrations that I used to look at. I really enjoyed how they worked with me. So after doing some drawings in pencil I began to move onto the colours, and I have to say I really liked the outcome, although only being small it is a confident and hopeful gateway into my future work.

I began chatting more and more to tutors and fellow students about these ideas and certain questions began to arrise, such as what materials I’m going to use, How I’m going to get myself out of my sketchbook, context within the work, the audience, and most importantly…



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