Tutorials have been constant so far and that’s great!! They’re are usually available every week now, but as the time is going along they are getting less but I’m sure they are there if we need them! So every Monday we have tutorials in groups with Amelia and Martyn anyway, but I have been for a sign up tutorial with Amelia and Anna by myself, which have both been extremely helpful.

– – – ANNA – – –

The night before I had my tutorial I had one of those beautiful and inspiring brain clicks. I was just thinking about all the things I wanted to make for this project, and I just didn’t feel very full- there was something missing from my whole shabbang of excitement. Then I realised how much more drawn to deformity within the body than I was just the normal healthy fit state human body. I remember looking at a curved spine and I couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful it was! Now I know, this all sounds a bit weird and intense, but give me a chance here! So I began to think more about the deformities that occur within the human body, those that we are born with, those that are there due to accidents, and those that grow within us. At this point I was unsure of which deformities I wanted to look at, or where this was going to go, but I was still on the same track as before, but now my focus has shifted slightly. All I knew was that this felt good and felt right, and also that I needed to go to the Hunterian Museum (The Royal college of Surgeons) in London, asap.

So I went to sit with Anna with all of this new and exciting information ready to lay it all out and see what she can do with it all. She was happy with where my thoughts were travelling, she listened very closely and gave me some people and things to research. However, something she brought up that I knew would come up again is this whole reason of WHY. I really need to begin to knuckle down and figure this whole thing out. I cannot simple make work about deformities within the body because I think they’re rather beautiful, that isn’t enough. So, Why Heather?

– Here are some of the things I have been researching after coming away from Anna’s tutorial –

– Golbanou Moghaddas –

3-A-Conversation-about-sentimental-issues Golbanou Moghaddas Golbanou Moghaddas2

– Arthur Bispo do Rosario –

 5446331145_6928742e02 ABR arthur bispo do rosario

– Katie Scott –

tumblr_lnzeixJfhX1qjmkim organs-katie-scott jckkukarnsd3nxwe3qtz katie-scott-3


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