So I have began to think more and more about those questions that keep creeping up. The hardest one to answer is Why, why am I doing this work, why does it work, why do I want to do this. But I am not worrying about that too much just yet because I might not know yet, but I will do one day.

With the subject matter I am working with I wanted to be quite conscious of the materials I to work with. There are some people out there who have problems dealing with the human body, they can be squeamish, don’t really like bones or seeing what is actually beneath our skin. To avoid someone looking at my work and feeling the need to wince or look away, I wanted to choose materials and colour schemes that would stop this happening.

I have chosen to work closely with wool and thread, using techniques such as knitting, crochet, and stitching (both freehand and using the machines available to me at university). The reason I have chosen these materials are because they are very comforting materials. Knitting is extremely cosy, soft to the touch, easy on the eyes and most people would have experienced the beauty of wearing a knitting piece of clothing at least once in their lives- its known for being lovely. It also gives me great opportunity to get out of my sketchbook just like I wanted too, and it also gives me chance to work with texture and learn new techniques.

Next came the colour scheme. I was already pretty sure with which colours I wanted to work with! these colours include different shades of green and blue, warmth yellows, oranges and the occasional red. I also would like to work with different shades of grey, but not going too dark. I would like to keep all of my colours soft and light. This is for similar reasons as the materials I have chosen: I am going for a really soft and gentle approach with this project as the subject matter itself isn’t that sort or gentle. The colours are warming, approachable, welcoming, and that’s what I want to gain from the artwork I make. These colours combined with the materials will hopefully take off that squeamish and kinda gross edge. With this I am almost trying to take out the biology side of the subject matter, like the things that we are taught in school, and re-present it in a way purely art based. I began thinking where this work may be seen, and what it might be used for. My thoughts took me to both schools and hospitals. This could be used rather well for educational purposes, helping children to gain a better understanding of the body and by visualising the things within us that we can’t see, and making it approachable rather than off putting has a better success rate for concentration and the feeling of wanting to know what ‘that’ is all about. the same goes for hospitals, or it could just be purely for decoration. It could also be used in some sort of therapy, for example if someone were suffering, my work may pose an opportunity for comfort.


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