2: Dan Peterson

In our second professional practice, the focus was on jobs and going to interviews. WE spoke of the best means of contact for the employer to reach us with, and that if we are emailed, to email back as soon as we can, even if that is just saying that we will get back to them later on. It’s also a good idea to set up a signature on your email that automatically appears when you send an email. When it comes to accepting a job and listening to thier brief, we have to be very switched on when it comes to asking certain questions about the job in hand. For example, what’s it for? the budget? what is it? the deadline? and so on. We were told with a solid no, to not ever do pitches.

After some good chatting about what kind of things to expect when we go to and interview and what they expect from us, we went on to pricing and being paid as an illustrator. We spoke a lot about commissions, where the work will go, how they will use it, territory, if they will want to re-use it, our rights (and never to sign them all away), fixed prices. We spoke of the client- who are we dealing with here? are they high profile? middle class? a high profile business? We really need to be aware of who we are dealing with when it comes to accepting a job.


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