1: Dan Peterson

We have started professional practice with Dan now, which happens every Tuesday. I found the first session really helpful and pretty good fun. Equally as scary as it is all about getting us prepared for the big wide world, but lets not dwell on that just yet. So in this session we started off b watching a video from a company that explained all of the different area’s you can go into with in the art industry, there are so many jobs out there that I wasn’t aware of! So that was extremely insightful. The day was split into 2 sessions, one in the morning and then the afternoon, both lasting 40 minutes. The first session we talked about portfolios and what we are expected to take with us, speak about, present ourselves etc.

Smaller portfolios are better full of prints or photo’s of your work, rather that bring a huge case with you and trying to fit it on the table. Also, by having prints of your work this means you can leave something with them if they particularly like something of yours. This is pretty handy because then they have something of you, and they will be more likely to remember you this way (stand out from the crowd). It’s also good to have business cards and leaflets to hand out also. Name and information and so on on the opening page of the portfolio, with a strong piece of artwork as an icebreaker. Sort of put your portfolio into sections, if there are certain pieces of work that flow well into others, order it in that way and be clever and neat about ordering. Only include images of your work that you have enjoyed doing and would be happy to work in that way again. If you put something in that you son’t want to repeat and they ask you to work in that way, you’ll then have a problem. Have your certificates with you also, they might ask to see these.¬†These second part of the day consisted of talking about our websites. We spoke about the AOI for a while, and Dan talked us through what makes a good website, what works and what is appealing to a potential buyers.

Next steps are to get some images for your portfolio together and begin making your website.


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