THIRD YEAR BEGINS: It’s Funny how Time flies

Well here we are again, back into full swing of another year at university. But this time its the last year! (And this one actually means something…)

The important thing is not to completely freak out and try to stay calm (Let yourself lose control every now and then just to get it out your system). Everything will be fine. Throughout this year, try hard not to think about what grade you may or may not get at the end of the year, and instead just try to think about what you are doing and focus on where it will take you.

– – – SUMMER – – –

I think like most people I had pretty high hopes for my summer. Instead of going home I stayed in Cardiff, got a job so I could pay bills and rent. My aims were to get as much reading done as humanely possible for my dissertation and even to have my first draft done by the time it came to returning to uni. This didn’t happen. I got a good amount of reading done so it wasn’t completely useless, but I wish I had done more. But lets not dwell.

In terms of developing ideas for project work, well that went much more successfully than the dissertation stuff. I didn’t get much drawing done until t got to around August time, when I began a drawing I had been wanting to do for quite some time. I had an exhibition at the Abacus last December, ‘Substance’, which I have blogged about if you would like read. Anyway, I have been wanting to do this drawing since then. Continuing in the style in which I had worked for that exhibition, I used the female body as my subject matter. Here it is:


It’s A3 size. It took me a while but I really enjoyed it, afterwards I felt as though I had overworked it massively and I wish I had left some spaces clearer, like on the baby’s head. I took this drawing with me to the first bunch of tutorials we had within the first couple of weeks. I knew that the tutors wouldn’t be too keen on it, but I took it as it was what I had worked on over summer and represented the subject matter in which I wanted to work with.

The drawing technique I chose to work with for this drawing is rather typical of illustration. It is seen a lot and is very popular, but that doesn’t always mean it works. The problem that seemed to be pointed out by both Anna and Amelia (Which I agree with) Is that the way of working overlooks the drawing itself, and the context within it, which is where the artwork begins to fall. I personally enjoy working in this way, but I think I’m going to keep this type of thing separate from university life and keep it for personal use!

– – – TUTORIALS – – –

I’ve noticed such a huge difference in our final year, not just working for our own brief and deciding how everything gets done ourselves, but we are getting much more care and attention than we have in the previous years. This is obviously due to it being year 3 so we need to have a close eye kept on us, but it’s fantastic to have more support when we really need it. The first 2 weeks were full of all sorts of tutorials, huge groups of us with all 3 tutors in one day, smaller groups and longer tutorials to personal sign up tutorials with all 3 tutors. It’s been fantastic and a great way to begin year 3. Another thing I have found great about these tutorials is how much we are repeating ourselves. Yes, it can be frustrating and it can get tedious, but when you find yourself repeating over and over again what you want to be working on, what you imagine yourself creating and speaking about reason why, who, what, it really begins to resonate within you and you finally begin to get an understanding of what you are actually doing. Not to mention each time you speak to someone or in front of a group, there is someone who will have something to say, whether this be good or bad, it’s always helpful. Conversations about work with numerous different people can really open up your mind and ideas can blossom. I used to shy away from talking about my work so much either because I wasn’t confident enough about it or that I was sick and tired of repeating myself. But now it’s all i talk about, and there are pages full of different notes of people’s responses. It’s fab.

So, over the summer I realised that this final year is actually my chance to get over myself and do what I’ve been wanting to do for the past 2 years. I have struggled with most of these projects that we’ve had, and that’s down to me sticking myself in my sketchbook and not actually doing what I wanted to do, which is make things. I love drawing as much as the next guy does, but it doesn’t fulfil me. This is something Anna said to me also at the start of 2nd year and it still wasn’t enough to get me out my sketchbook. The past projects which I have done well, and that you can seriously tell I have enjoyed doing are the ones where I’ve managed to pull myself out of the sketchbook. Like the Morocco trip for example, where  spent all my time dying wool with all sorts of vegetables, and working with materials and using the sewing machines to free hand stitch my illustrations from the trip. I loved it, this showed through my work and I ended up doing really well with it. So I decided this is what I need to do in my last year. And so it began!


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