Crit: The end of the Project

So the project has finally come to an end. We were given so much more time on this one as our tutors decided to extend it over the Easter period, which I’m sure the majority of us were happy about! I know I was, I needed the extra time.

It came to the day of the crits and I felt ready- everything was packed the night before ready for my cycle into uni. Not many of us turned up, which is a real shame really because these crits are here for our benefit, but oh well. I ended up delivering my presentation last, which I am not a fan of, I like going towards the start as everyone is awake and their minds are ready to interact, by the time it reaches the last person everyone has usually had enough. I delivered my crit and explained everything that I have done on here, I began to receive my feedback. I was happy to see people’s reactions when they were looking over my work. I passed around the circle each piece that was in my first aid kit.

Everyone handled the work very delicately which was very pleasant to see, and when it came to the solider to build, someone said they felt the need to handle him very lightly as they are aware he is suffering and needs care. Anna said some good things also, highlighting that I have worked with metaphor very well especially with the bandage. However something that came up that I have been aware about throughout the project is the generalisation of my box- it’s very fixed to a certain audience. The solider has brown hair and the wife blonde with 2 kids, so this is going to appeal to that kind of audience, rather to them all. An idea to fix this would be to make a few different boxes, changing just a few features in characteristics so that the public can make a decision for themselves on which box they would want to pick, to which suits them best. This then would increase the interest in my work and hopefully increase the amount of donors in the public also.

I had many tutorials throughout this project and that is something I found worked very well for me, so I am going to bare this in mind for future projects. This project has also helped me to begin to get over the fear of leaping out my sketchbook! I’ve enjoyed it very much.


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