Changing Charities

At first I was very set on working with Help For Heroes, but didn’t approach them until my idea was solid. Once I had everything mapped out in my head I headed down to our local H4H shop in Cardiff and there I spoke to the manager. She then wrote down a phone number and an email for me also. I called them up, all confident and chatty to only be greeted by an extremely rude woman. I explained to her that I would like to work with the charity and then began to explain my idea, and it honestly was a shambles. She said things like “Well what on earth do you expect that to achieve?” and “I don’t think I have time for this”. After the phone call I had been speaking to a few different people about the Charity and quite a few people have told me of some nasty stories. To have a bad experience with the charity myself is bad enough, but to then have those feelings supported and conffirmed by other saddening stories really does make it hard to see good in that charity. I immediately stopped designing my work for them, because I had zero interest of working with them anymore. But all is not lost..

My partner is based in Taunton and it was through speaking with him about this project that he told me of a local charity there that his troop does a lot of work with. This charity is called ‘Go Commando’, and there motto is ‘Supporting the Royal Marine family’.

I had a nosey on their website and they seemed like a very lovely, genuine charity, so I immediate got in touch with them, sending out an email explaining who I am, why I would like to work with them and what my idea’s are so far. I also said I’d be happy and open to changing my idea, as after I had been talking to Amelia about the work I had made for this project she raised the point that this would be quite costly to reproduce, which is obviously a big factor when it comes to working with a charity as they would like to spend as little money as possible with these things, but I sent the email all the same, and here are my responses:

– – –

Heather Hi Great designs – you are very talented ! We are in preparation for a big concert in Taunton in July. It is the RM Band coming to play in Vivary Park (40 are also involved) It is to raise awareness and your thought would be a great promotion for the event and maybe you would like to design the flyers for the event ? Does this appeal ? Let me know Debbie H.

– – –

I was over the moon when they got back to me, and so quickly too! It’s also a really lovely event in which they have invited me to take part in designing the flyers too. I emailed them back the next day letting them know that I’d love to help and thanked them for getting back in touch with me. I then explained to them once more in my email that it may be costly to reproduce my first aid kit and that I would be very open to creating something similar in order for it to be cheaper for them, and I’m still waiting for a reply, but fingers crossed!


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