5: The Box

Now, I have all of these things to fit nicely in a box, so where’s the box?

I did a lot of thinking of how I wanted my box to look, and before breaking up for Easter (most of the contents for my box were made during the Easter break) I was working closely with Steve and trying out lazor cutting. I originally wanted my box to be wooden, with a lid that fastens with a button and elastic. I used a website online that offers me a template maker, so I could play around with the measurements of the box.

(I’m sure when you’re reading this you’re probably confused as to why I made all my things to go in the box, before I had made the box, but I will explain all that later)

When I had found some measurements that I was happy with I took them down to Steve and he began helping me with it. Although it was that easy, this took around 3-4 days to actually manage to get hold of Steve, and when I did he was always running away, so this delayed me a lot. Once we had finally got around to cutting out a mock-up on paper, it all went horrendously wrong- it was too big, it hadn’t been set up properly on the computer, the machine was confused, I was confused and Steve was confused. And to top all of that off, this was all happening as I was supposed to be turning up for a presentation for the project. So to clear up any confusion, I attempted to make both my 3D printed soldier and the box itself before we broke up for Easter.

I then had some bad news about my Grandfather falling ill so I left around a week early for Easter in order to spend time with him. Most of my Easter was spent being with him and taking care for him. I had messaged my tutors and they were aware of the situation.

Towards the end of my Easter break is when I had realised how quickly the time had gone and how little work I had managed to get done. I had to pull my finger out; although I know that my tutors are extremely supportive and would have understood if I couldn’t meet the deadline, I had an urge and some confidence that I could get this done in time, and it helped to take my mind off things.

So, In the last week of Easter when everything became hectic, this is where my box comes in. I didn’t have time to make the one I had originally planned. However I did find a perfect sized both that something had been delivered in. I made this box a home, and put it down to sheer luck that I stumbled across it. Everything fit in it really well. So I then decided to paint it, keeping my colours to a minimum, once again mainly focussing on the typical colours of camouflage. I made the main/base colour cream, along with the inside of the box. This made it nice and bright when you open it and its clear to see the contents of the box. I then drew on the Charity Logo to finish it off. Here is the finished First Aid Box:

DSC_0445 DSC_0446 DSC_0447 DSC_0448 DSC_0466

I am happy with the turn out of the box. I painted it cream first and then I added the grey shapes. I didn’t think I would end up putting the green on the box, but after I asked around for some opinions, it seemed like it would be a nice idea to add the colour. I did a test piece of some paper before making the leap onto the box and I also liked it myself, so it was a deal. I printed off the logo and used a ruler to gently mark where each of the box/text went before drawing it on with Posca pen. Something that I am not too happy about is that I couldn’t actually make the box myself in time, so this box is bigger than I had planned therefore wouldn’t fit through the letterbox.

If you’re wondering why the logo is of another charity, please see my next blog post.


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