4: The Book

The final little thing within my First Aid Kit is the little book.

I am treating this part as a sort of information leaflet, and originally I planned to include lots of facts and statistics about PTSD, but I have never been keen on working with text in my work and it may stand out against the rest of my work. But maybe this is something I can play around with. Originally I wanted this booklet to be a pop-up booklet but when I realised that time was pressing on I felt as though I was making things a little more complicated for myself. I began to narrow down my thoughts and get some idea’s drawn onto paper to try and help me understand more just what kind of thing I was going for. In a tutorial with Chris, he highlighted something I had mentioned to him in my presentation; the way PTSD can have an effect on sleeping patterns. Many people suffer from night terrors or night mares and more commonly recurring dreams, causing them to wake instantly or sometimes not be able to wake themselves out of them. These usually consisted of things they have seen in war, the things that really stuck with them and troubled them. So I tried to get this down on paper.


DSC_0435 DSC_0443 DSC_0442

After some decision making I decided I wanted to keep the book simple and without text. I also decided to have a couple in the bed, instead of the just soldier alone. This then brings in and shows the effects at home and the effects within a relationship. Because I am making the book small (It needs to be able to sit comfortably at the bottom of the box itself, once made) I decided to make the figures that gather around his bed to be silhouettes. This also probably works best as well because if I tried to design an enemy, or the common enemy that the Royal Marines usually face, this could cause some uproar and upset some people. So it’s better to keep the enemy vague, open to interpretation instead of generalise or stick to stereotypes. So the story shows a couple laying to sleep in their bed a home. Once they have fallen asleep dark figures begin to appear at the side of the bed, then at the back, and then around the other side. They crown over the sleeping bodies. It all becomes too much for the soldier and he awakes from his nightmare. The crowding bodies are then to make things tense, to create an uneasy and uncomfortable atmosphere and hopefully this is portrayed to the reader. The final image shows the soldier waking; I made his eyes wide to show fear, leaving his partner asleep (hopefully this reinforces its his dream only). With the book, I made it out of an old cereal box and used the standard binding technique to hold it together, with a simple title of ‘zzz’ to represent sleep. I really like the concept of my book but I don’t think I am that happy with the ‘creepers’, I feel like they could have been designed better. Maybe this is something I will look ever at a later date.

DSC_0458 DSC_0459 DSC_0460 DSC_0461 DSC_0462 DSC_0463 DSC_0464


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