Well, exhibition no.2!

We were lucky enough to get enough of us together to hold another exhibition at The Abacus again. This time it consisted of all students from Cardiff School of Art and Design, however it was mainly Fine Artists, so I was therefore the only illustrator contributing! But I didn’t let that scare me away. This exhibition is called ‘Substance’.

a. That which has mass and occupies space; matter.
b. A material of a particular kind or constitution.

I was really looking forward to this exhibition, as I knew instantly that it would be the complete opposite of ‘Are You Lost Yet?’, so it would be nice to get a feel of how different exhibitions go. I did a lot of hard-working during the hanging of AYLY, so I felt confident enough when it came to hanging a second exhibition, and this was taken into consideration when people asked me to help hang their work. Their was such a variety of different art pieces within the exhibition, from taxidermy, prints, installations, videos and so on, a feast for the eyes.

I knew almost instantly what I wanted to create for this exhibition, working in a style that I only tried once before the previous year when illustrating a personal piece of a dinosaur skull.


I really enjoyed working in this style and knew that I wanted to develop my skills further in this technique, so I began thinking of how I could bring this into Substance. Another subject that I have always wanted to illustrate and have shown some interest in is anatomy, so I began to combine the two. I wanted to focus on the head, and everything on the inner and also the outer layer, go right into the depths of the face, the eye and the ear to show the extent of how magnificent our bodies are and highlight all those little features that we don’t usually see.

This exhibition took up a lot of my time, it was very hard work and I began to fall back on my university work (baring in mind I had already done one exhibition which had also taken up a lot of my time). One drawing took over a week to complete, then two more on top of that. Then came hanging the exhibition. I began to grow very anxious and conscious of how much time this was taking out of my uni year but I tried not to let it worry me too much, as at the same time I can make sure I redeem the time I have lost and also enjoy the opportunity I have been given. All that aside, the exhibition went swimmingly, with live music from Howl and Grey Mondeo- we celebrated like we were celebrities. So, here are my 3 pieces for Substance:


Here is a photo of them hanging in the exhibition.

I am extremely happy with how my work turned out and I am confident in this way of working and would like to take it into future pieces. I worked at an A4 scale using fineliner to dot my image. I then used  to get 5 prints per illustration printed in order to sell at the event and afterwards also. I had them printed on 2mm thick card and signed them also.


So there you have it, here are my prints. I still have some available so if anyone is interested in purchasing any pleased don’t hesitate to get in touch. £20 each!

Have lovely day!


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