My Field (2) Experience

I knew right from the beginning of this module that it was going to be a good one. When meeting Keireine at the stalls when she told us briefly about the Morocco trip, she seemed a delight to work with and very passionate about what she had to offer, and she didn’t let us down! I have learnt from previous experiences of travelling that it suits me and I am able to take a lot away with from the trip, and I was in dire need of getting out of a block I had got myself in and being inspired all over again. It was almost like being reborn into a whole new world of illustration. But it is important not to forget that this module wasn’t just a week in Morocco, it was so much more. Prior to travelling, I learnt some very valuable skills that I thoroughly enjoyed. One of the feedback points I had recently received in a tutorial with my Illustration tutor is that I am working too much into my sketchbook and not enough out of it, and that I need to learn some new processes that can get me out. I received this feedback towards the end of my Morocco module, but this installed a new confidence within me as for this module I have been working with processes that I haven’t previously used, such as heat transfer, drawing with wax, and also stitching and dyeing my own wool. I have found this module so stimulating and something Keireine said to me one day is that I will get and inspiration from this trip that can stay with me for a lifetime, and she’s not wrong. I am sad that this was only a 5 week-long course as I finding so much enjoyment from it, but I can take this with me and hopefully channel it into other projects.

There has been great support throughout the module and frequent tutorials is not something I am used too, but I think it benefit me quite a lot. It pushed me to show my development for each time I met with someone to explain where I am at with my project. When creating work I was ever so focussed and making sure that my experience from the trip shone through what I produced. I learnt a lot from the trip and I feel like I learnt a lot about myself also. It was amazing to be able to see a completely different culture and way of life, and to be thrown into that and live that life for a week makes me feel very lucky. From that I have a new confidence that I hope is showing through the work I have made. There’s a huge part of me that is keen to keep working with what I am creating for this module in order to have a bigger and thicker portfolio for it come June. I am keen for my work to become a cushion toward the end, something you can hold, squeeze, smell and rest up. Something that you can directly interact with yourself, from my experience in Marrakesh. One of the main aspects of the trip that I have taken back with me is that language and cultural barriers. For example, my moment with the lady who sold me the wool made my project a whole lot more personal for me than I imagined. Sitting down with her and not being able to speak a word of English/Arabic meant we could only connect and communicate through her teaching me how she crochet’s her hats that she sells to make a living. I treasured this moment because something that is very strong in today’s society is how western women are looked down upon by certain religions. Now this is a generalisation and doesn’t go for everyone, but here is a lovely example of two different cultures simply getting along and connecting over a creative process that we both enjoy to practise. This then made my project a whole lot more hearty and wholesome, which I hope is something you can all recognise.

Overall I feel like this module has pushed me in many new and right directions. It was very well structured and organised and the support was wonderful. I have learnt a lot within the course and have been opened up to new resources within the university that I was not previously aware of, and for that I am grateful. I feel like there’s a lot of future projects for me within what I have taken away from it all, and I think it has even helped me to get my dissertation under-way.

Until next time!


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