This is something that I have always always always wanted to do! Before we jump straight into it though, let me say this! Remember that little exhibition I did, Are You Lost Yet? Well, this was all happening at the same time as my field 1 term. Camilla was fully aware of this, and like I said before Danielle and I were the ones to hang the show and then the ones to invigilate it, and this coincided with my field days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thankfully Camilla was okay with this. Anyway,

DSC_0472 DSC_0473

I was so excited to start this. I remember back when I was doing GCSE and my sister was doing an art course at a college and she came home and showed me all the paper she had made, I was blown away. Now it’s my turn! Tom Martin was holding this workshop day for us which made a nice change, he’s always a good tutor to work with. That day, Felicity became y paper making buddy and from that day onwards we kept meeting up and sneaking into Tom’s workshop and making as much paper as we could!! It was magical.

DSC_0474 DSC_0475 DSC_0476

There’s the techniques in my photo’s above. Camilla had already told us to bring in some paper etc, and when we got there we all joined forces and began ripping it all into lots on tiny pieces in order to blend them all up with some water. Here’s some photo’s of how it all went down!

11258609_10205562794207799_414645472_n 11301485_10205562794367803_298352071_n 11270135_10205562794527807_1166306665_n

11271172_10205562794247800_185129608_n 11297897_10205562794927817_1445755693_n 11355367_10205562794727812_10547717_n

11330511_10205562795407829_1283255256_n 11348782_10205562795647835_606961560_n 11350064_10205562795527832_217340830_n

11267909_10205562795087821_614841434_n 11289779_10205562795127822_1668256956_n 11270986_10205562795207824_815863198_n

11304494_10205562795247825_1478723890_n 11328807_10205562795327827_1039876607_n 11356307_10205562795167823_263655327_n

11354872_10205562795767838_737460352_n 11349019_10205562795727837_43331989_n 11358776_10205562795687836_1750268750_n

11334383_10205562795927842_933139493_n 11348904_10205562794567808_2048159750_n 11291401_10205562795447830_764076598_n

As you can see I was a very very very busy girl, and I loved every minute of it! It was beginning to get to a point with this module were I really wasn’t enjoying myself, but thankfully this day pulled me out of this rut. There’s so many things I can do with this paper, but I’m attending one of Tom’s book binding workshops next week so I think i’ll out my paper to good use.


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