My Field 1 Experience

Well, if you’ve managed to have time to read through all of my ongoing babbling then I’m sure that you’ve got a pretty good idea of how it went, but to sum it up, it went pretty well. I mentioned in my earlier posts that I struggled with Camilla a bit, this even resulted in me seeing Amelia about it. I wasn’t the only one to be having these problems either, as I know there were a few other people in my class who struggled. But that aside, I decided that I wasn’t going to let that shape this experience, as when I was choosing this option in the field fare I was really excited to start it. I was also hanging the show for Are You Lost Yet? at the Abacus at the same time as I was participating in this module, but I tried not to let this get in the way too much (Although it did make me very busy and very tired) (100% worth it!). Due to this I missed some workshops, these including the audio workshop and the body language workshop. Thankfully Camilla was okay with all of this, and she was always informed beforehand.

I considered myself extremely lucky to be able to take part in such wonderful workshops, these to me were the papermaking and letterpress workshops. This is because they are always something that I have wanted to learn and participate within. I know that the university constantly offers us opportunities to learn these things, but to learn them within a module and for us then to apply to them towards a final piece was a magical journey. I have always been very in love with mother nature, creating art to appreciate our natural environments has always been a passion of mine, so I was really hoping to channel all of this through this project. I tried very hard to do so, however towards the end of this module I fell quite ill and ended up spending time out of lectures. I informed Camilla of this and she was always aware, however when it came to assessment she was unable to give me a grade or feedback as these was nothing to show on my blog and I couldn’t get the physical work to her in university. This panicked me as I was unable to change any of this at the time. However when I got back onto my feet I pulled myself back, and poured my heart into it. I am hoping this doesn’t have too much of an effect on my grade, as I got the work done in the end. (Thankfully!)

Overall I do believe Language Environments was a good field choice for myself, I learnt some wonderful new tricks and made some friends. It’s also nice that the field modules are so short, as it keep it fresh and fun. Like I said before I was extremely excited to begin this option so I was quite let down when I struggled to work with Camilla, as I feel if her teaching had been a little more uplifting it would have inspired us all a lot more to work harder and produce something fantastic.


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