In the afternoon after paper-making we then learnt how to letter-press. unfortunately my phone ran out of battery so I was unable to take as many photo’s as I had hoped for my blog, but all the same I had an amazing experience. Tom led the workshop once again and it was wonderful. Although the room was rather tiny we managed to fit in (also some people ran away at lunch too). We were told to think of a phrase or something we would like to print, and then shown how to use all of the equipment. What I loved the most about this process is that many years ago this was all people had, newspapers and business cards and so on were printed this way. And believe you me, it must have taken me at least 10-15 minutes to get my letters in the right order, not upside down, not the wrong way around! (It was harder than you think!)

I chose the phrase ‘Mans inhumanity to Man’. It’s something very dear to me, I even have it tattooed on my body. It’s cropped up 3 times in my life on very different occasions and the 3rd time for me was enough. It’s also in a Robert Burns poem, which is beautiful. Check it out! Anyway, I’m going off track here.

DSC_0477 DSC_0478 DSC_0479

As you can see I got it wrong the first time! Try and try again! So we were using newsprint to print onto, and of course we did a few test pieces before we began wasting a whole load of paper! Once I was happy with the layout of my text I began to print onto tracing paper. I really loved the effect this gave me, and something this module has taught me is to appreciate delicacy. I have always been drawn to tiny, delicate and fragile things, but by making my own paper and printing onto paper that is ever so flimsy, using tools that have to be used with time and precision has made me more in tune with just how delicate you can make something, and how this becomes a part of you and how you treat something, or even someone. So when I was happy with my test pieces I began printing them for ‘real’.

DSC_0470 (2) DSC_0471 (2)

DSC_0472 (2) DSC_0473 (2)

I really enjoyed working with lots of different papers, they all give you such different effects, the same goes for which colour you choose for the text. For me, the black makes it look very original and traditional, where as the red is much more modern and something you would expect to see today. However this contrasts nicely with the font of the text, and brings me back to what I mentioned earlier about this technique being used so much in the past- I think this is something that I would like to work with and stick by, as I know there are other fonts available, but hey, I’ve always been an old-fashioned C21st 2o year old girl at heart.

– – – Less is More – – –

I began thinking where I would expect to see something like this. I have mentioned before that I rarely use text in my work, and I struggle to find ways to bring it in unless I’m using it in an obvious way. But I know that I am madly in love with simplicity and negative space. I’m a firm and true believer in ‘Less is More’, and I want to apply this to this project and to text. Back in A-Level are I based it entirely around mother nature and her magical ways, focussing a lot on Andy Goldsworthy as my main influence. What interested me the most is how simply moving something slightly from its natural environment, maybe into another, or placing it differently so that it stands out can change someone’s perception of it completely. Helping someone to appreciate something that they may normally just walk straight past day-to-day without blinking an eye. I now need to ask myself how I can achieve this in the time I have left and with the work I have produced so far, using all of the new techniques I have learnt. This to me, is precious. So this is what I’d like to get out of this project- simple, yet effective work that will capture the attention of others and for a split second, let them have that moment of hesitation.

And with that I will leave you with some lovely work courtesy of Goldsworthy.

gold_rowanlevs andy-goldsworthy-1 goldsworthy-1


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