Get back into the swing of things, will you?

So it’s been a speedy first and second term, so speedy that I drove straight past blogging! (yikes) However I am here now and I am determined.


When I got back to Uni I was struggling a lot after some tutorials with Anna and the rest of the group, I realised that I was producing work (and enjoying what I was researching) however I wasn’t enjoying the work I was coming up with, simply because nothing of my personality came through with it. I began to realise this more and more as time went on and I began to panic about what I should be doing with this new-found discovery. Then the heavens opened and I attended a much-needed workshop, with non other than printmaking Tom!

I have never really spent that much time with him before, so this day was a treat, neither had I ever seen much of his work. Together we all sat through a Powerpoint presentation showing us some very inspirational artists and artworks, focussing mainly on the colour and 3D forms. Here are some examples of what we were shown and what stood out to me most:

Davis-SunBall-1960-88x93m museumofdrawers V9-Olitski---Cleopatra-Flesh

Left to right:

Gene Davies – Sunball

Herbert Distel – The Museum of Drawers

Jules Olitski – Cleopatra

I managed to produce quite and extensive list of research topics and artists in my sketchbook for future reference. Something that Tom mentioned to me that may interest me dearly is the ‘Treatment of Dead Enemies’ in the Pitt Rivers museum, Oxford. He mentioned this to me after we spoke about The Huntarian Museum in London, a place I am very passionate about. It’s on my to-do list. So,

How does colour communicate with you?

How can you get colour to communicate?

So without realising, Tom had shown me how to get out of that feeling of not knowing what I want to do with myself.

m a k i n g    t h i n g s

Anna had mentioned this to me in a crit beforehand and I gently agreed with her, but I was quite nervous to put it into practise. Then obviously Tom swoops in and holds this workshop where he throws us straight into it. Showing me so so many inspirational artists and designers I was filled with inspiration. But the biggest inspiration of the day was Tom himself and the work he creates.

Cube_1 display3 Wunderkammer_2

I was completely and utterly blown out of my shoes when I was introduced to his work. I just couldn’t believe it, it was something that I never really imagined myself enjoying to this extent or imagine myself creating, but when he went onto show me works he had created using matchboxes and miniature unfinished calendars and so much more I felt fantastic and I wanted run away and make millions of things. Saved!

What blew me away so much about his work is how well he invites the audience interact with his work from opening drawers, rearranging mass amounts of colourful shapes and so on. Alongside all this Tom worked with and focussed with colour also, making his work extremely enticing and playful. Afterwards he set us a task of creating something of our own, handing us lots of cardboard, paints, coloured paper and so on… then it was up to us.


I began planning a little in my sketchbook but then I realised that this was killing the wonderful level I had managed to get myself on, I just went for it! First of all I went straight to the recycling bins behind the uni to grab myself some cardboard. I then ended up getting pushed into the big bins, hey ho. However I found plenty of fantastic cardboard to work with for myself and others too. Then I just dug straight in!

10887848_10204516594973472_1745232211_n 10888192_10204516595413483_226939594_n 10899850_10204516595493485_558165647_n 10899869_10204516595013473_794623777_n 10904178_10204516595053474_1615968302_n 10904215_10204516595533486_1515642887_n 10913078_10204516595573487_1790901883_n 10921709_10204516595093475_731140556_n 10922078_10204516595733491_1661964319_n

So I wanted to feed off that amazing level I had managed to get myself on that day, starting by taking the key points of what had inspired me most. What stood out to me with Tom’s work was the simplicity of the white against the bright and luminous colours he had chosen to use. I tried to combine all these things, however I only stuck to 3 colours which are usual in my palette. It was a quick afternoon workshop, given more time I would have probably made something entirely different, but I left that day with lots of ideas for future pieces.. watch this space!


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