Spell 125

Well, the next stages of my project have to be the mapping out of my final piece. It was time to get it all drawn up on to A4 pieces of paper (as my scanner is only A4 sized) so I can begin the screen printing process.


Spell 125

Anubis introduces Hunefer to the weighing of his heart against the feather of Maat. Anubis, depicted a second time, checks the accuracy of the balance; Thoth stands ready to write down the result, watched by the monster Ammit, who gobbles down hearts laden with sin. Vindicated, Hunefer is introduced by falcon-headed Horus-avenger-of-his-father to Orisis who is enthroned in an elaborate booth with Isis and Nephthus behind him and the four sons of Horus standing on a lotus before. Above, behind and offering-table and adored by Hunefer, squat fourteen Gods and Goddesses who are witnesses to the judgement.

Once my drawing was on the paper and sized out correctly, it meant that I could get it all on to acetate so I can then expose my image on to the screens in order to print them.


With Adam only having 2 A2 screens, and my image only just fitting onto those 2 screens, we had to make the decision whether I wanted my linework to be screen printed, or the colour. Obviously after spending a few days drawing up my piece I didn’t want that to not be printed, therefore we chose the linework. This then meant that if I wanted to print the colours onto my fabric as well, then my only option would be to make card stencils for the shapes. In comes Photoshop..

IMG_6312 IMG_6313 IMG_6315 IMG_6316 IMG_6327 IMG_6341 IMG_6343 IMG_6344 IMG_6352 IMG_6353

It was an extremely stressful day, and anything that could go wrong… did go wrong! We made the stencils by deciding to focus on the 3 main colours in my piece, which are white, blue and green. We used shades of grey (to save colour ink) when printing out the stencils to know which shape is which colour. We then lay down the fabric and then the stencil above it, where we then began to print. HOWEVER, one mistake we made here was to not stick down the material properly, therefore making it increasingly difficult to line up the stencil ready for the next colour.


I exposed the image onto the screen, and had previously ordered the emulsion from http://www.wickedprintingstuff.com, 500ml worth. It wasn’t until we had spent all day cutting out the stencil, exposing the image onto the screens, and everything in between, to realise that the emulsion was not set or prepared correctly on the screen beforehand, therefore when it came to washing the emulsion out of the screen it was not working. The image never came out.

The day was wasted.

A complete disaster.

9 hours, with nothing to show for it.


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