Pecha Kucha

So when we got back from Berlin we had Pecha Kucha presentations on the Monday. These presentations were made up of 20 images only and each image only had 20 seconds each to be explained. We were asked to do these presentations so that we can show the tutors and our group what stage we are at with our project and where it could possibly go.


My first 4-5 slides highlighted how unsure I was about the direction of my project, and I spoke of the (many) different trial and error’s I went through. I then began to speak of the DDR museum in Berlin and how the patterns of their homes, and their way of life before/during the war. From that I mentioned that an idea of a layered papercut demonstrating all of the different patterns had sprung to mind as a piece of work, the whole time using photo’s I had collected whilst being in Berlin.

“The grey reality of East German life”

Then when I got to my 10th slide, I began to mention the Neues Museum and how that had changed everything for me. I spoke of the great relief I felt when I knew I liked this idea enough to carry it on through my project. I then used photo’s I had collected from the museum to speak of how much talent and dedication that the Egyptians had towards their works of art, and how sometimes people died in the making. One thing we had to be conscious of was to stick to the fact that I am concentrating on the sub-theme of ‘Hidden City’, so how was all of this reflecting that? I spoke of how the Egyptians are almost forgotten in a sense, all that they worked for and how it has all faded with time. How their art is locked away in the ancient tombs, and how their thoughts and conceptions of the afterlife died with them.

I ended highlighting that I still wasn’t sure what may come as a final piece from this project, but I was comfortable with where I was at.



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