Note to Self-

If there is one thing that I am certainly good at in life, it is worrying. A worry-wut.

 I am terrible for it, even if it is something small I can spend hours to days worrying and sometimes waste a lot of time from not getting anything done. So I knew as soon as I learnt that we would be dealing with the collaborative side of the project, to the personal and then the Constellation lectures too, I would struggle to juggle it all, and on top of that I would spend my time worrying about it. So this time, as I was finally getting excited about my project, I wanted to try my hardest not to get caught up in my worrying and lag behind.


I am a big lover and believer in lists, and there’s something so fulfilling about crossing things off those lists. (I know I’m not the only one) So I thought it would be a good idea for me to write down all of the things that I need to make my self away of so I can try to avoid falling into some sort of worry-pit.

I guarantee it won’t work.

What is most important is to make sure I am spending equal amounts of time on each aspect of the term. Tuesdays we are in University for the collaborative groups, and Thursdays are for Constellation. So if I manage to keep on top of my blogging and spend the evenings of those days writing up the happenings throughout the day, this should keep me feeling relaxed about the time frame and my personal project too.

It’s a nice thought that I could try; here’s to being optimistic!


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