Nigel, the Saviour

IMG_6364 IMG_6365 IMG_6366

So after watching what felt like my life fail terribly before my eyes, my last hope was the new chap in the print studio, Nigel. I took him the acetate (photo’s above) and pleaded him to see if he could help me. He spent around 30 minutes with me explaining that we can do it, with the week we have left to do. This is how it went:

He was grateful so me having it on the acetate ready for him, however he felt as though the lines of my drawing had to be somewhat thicker, therefore he asked me to go away and redraw over the image with my Posca pen. When coming to do this my pen did NOT want to work on the acetate, therefore I emailed Nigel and he told me to scan the originals onto A3 pieces of paper and redraw over them that way.

I do so and we exposed my images onto the screens using the machine (4 minutes and 20 seconds worth of exposure), which fit onto two A2 screens.

After that I cut down all of my fabric, I had three meters worth. This manage to fit two of my screens each on one piece of fabric, and we got 3 prints done. I was ever so happy with the outcome, and everything was screen printed by the last Thursday before the deadline on the Tuesday.

IMG_6413 IMG_6415 IMG_6420 IMG_6434

So here’s some snaps from the process. As you can see we managed to get a bigger screen and fit the whole image onto that (cut in half) All this meant was that when it came to putting the fabric down, we spray-mounted it onto some mount board so that we could easily align it once again. We decided on using the Terracotta coloured ink as it was much more suitable to my theme. And finally there is the print on the fabric,

Now to get painting and stitching!

5 days to go.


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