Well once again we all met up and compared notes.

I got out my Grayson Perry notes and the same with the girls’ research. We really appreciated all of the help and the suggestions that we received, however after we all went away and looked into the artists a little more we realised that they were a little.. squiffy. We mentioned things in our presentation such as joining pieces of working together using thread, or miniature model buildings sat on a plinth, so these minute details must have triggered little things in peoples memories of these artists and that’s how we ended up with the recommendations. Grayson Perry’s work is very dissimilar to what we are creating, and the same goes for Gilbert and George and Catherine Baxter.

But it was good for us to realise this and to start some second hand research. On the other hand, the buildings that were suggested to us were simply wonderful. If you remember back a few posts I was sent away to research the Cathedral in Spain, which I later learnt was the Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada_Familia_01 Sagrada_Familia_nave_roof_detail

I was so shocked when I began to research this place, its jaw-droppingly beautiful! And I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through all the photos I found.

next we assigned the final piece ideas to each ther, here’s how it’s going to go:

Hebe is going to paint the background. She has chosen a specific colour pallet that uses coloiurs to portray a happy and healthy city. Me and Hannah are then going to use a4 sheets of acetate to draw on to, 4 drawins each, that will then be hung and suspended from the ceiling in front of Hebe’s work.


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