Finding yourself looking for a story within your own story…

IMG_6277 IMG_6278

After some more thinking I began to brain storm towards a final piece, with coming to the conclusion of making a tapestry. The only thing I needed to do now was to find something, a story or a myth, that I want to print onto my tapestry.

I have chosen to do a tapestry as I feel it is representative to the ancient Egyptian culture. I wanted to create something that resembles the kind of work they created, with also touches here and there of my modern day life.

I just need to find a story.


It was when I was looking through one of the books I had taken out of the library that I saw an image from the Egyptian book of the Dead, so I went onto Google and searched it, where Amazon came up. They have this fantastic new service where you can look inside books and see some samples of what you might be buying before purchasing. This was extremely helpful for me as I didn’t want to order it online as the postage can take a while, so I tottled on down to Waterstones back home in Nottingham and treated myself to this book. So great and So helpful! Here I finally found the story that I wanted to work with.


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