So after marching through what seems like endless books and endless facts about the Egyptians and their Gods, I wanted to start thinking about where all this could take me.

Where am I going?

Something I wanted to remind myself of, was the theme.

Hidden Cities. 

Don’t forget it: one thing I realised with the path I have taken, is that by studying the Egyptians and highlighting the aspects of their life that now seem forgotten and unappreciated, it is almost like I am unearthing their lives, their stories and culture. It’s so much fun. Something else that clicked in my head: apart from all of the art they created, I wanted to begin to look at the places they were placing such art, what importance that had to it.

IMG_6267 IMG_6268 IMG_6269

I began to learn about some key places and times in Ancient Egypt, some of these being The Valley of the Kings, and looking into more detail of certain tombs of past Gods, Pharaohs and so on. It became ever so clear just how important all of the artwork was for the process of passing into the afterlife. Drawings which bear protections for the kings, or some that tell the tale of their life, revenge, or redemption. It is truly fascinating and I am not sure if there is enough time in the world to share with you all the things I have learnt. But If there’s one thing I know for sure, is that I don’t want the importance of all of this to slip away through my work.

Something else that I find beautiful about me perusing this as a project proposal, is that the art that IS buried with a king, or on the walls ans ceilings of a tomb, or even on the casket of a kings coffin, all this artwork is hidden from the public. Only the artist, witnesses and the deceased know that the specific artwork created for that king is going into the soil with them. Isn’t that just wonderful?

I started to begin to focus on their communication and pattern. In any kind of art and design piece, communication is an important aspect of the piece whether you realise it or not. The same goes for the Egyptians, their close attention to detail in pattern ties in nicely with their communication skills and it forms a very aesthetically pleasing compositional piece. And this is something I want to achieve for myself. However at this stage I was still struggling massively with being able to follow a final piece route, but I tried not to let this panic me too much as I knew I had plenty of time. (…and breathe)


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