Another Matilda day

Sometimes the flat can get quite noisey, making it hard to concentrate. But that’s okay, it’s nice to get some air. So I ventured down to the library in the city centre and found myself a spot to sit, where I stayed for another 5 hours. It was ever so peaceful and I was very comfortable. Although I must admit I probably spent around 20 minutes standing on the 5th floor staring out of the window… but that’s okay.

So I snatched up these books.

20140506-195342.jpg 20140506-195352.jpg

I sat and read through and found out even more great things. I know my blog posts aren’t so much about my art lately, but in my own opinion I don’t think there’s anything worse than making a piece of work if you don’t know the history, the story and so on. I like to be compassionate about my work and if thats means learning as much about Ancient Egyptians in the few weeks I have left then so be it! I know it will work out for the better when it comes to making my final piece.


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