My thing for Dinosaurs

There was something hauntingly beautiful about deciding to focus on the Ancient Egyptians. In my opinion, they were the first people to begin to fully understand communication, and to document stories, events and important dates that they knew they wanted to be remembered. They did this through using Hieroglyphics and also detailed drawings. Something I spent around an hour looking at in the Neues Museum, were the tapestry’s that were made.

IMG_4051 IMG_4052 IMG_4053

I was so well and truly taken back by them all. I wasn’t sure if it was because I couldn’t for the life of me work out what they were trying to tell me, but all I knew is that I wanted to find out. Then there’s the colours, the composition, the detailed line work in every God, Pharaoh, hieroglyph. I knew in this instant I was in love and knew I had found a ground to stand on.

Everything looked so hopeful.

After that I had headed home as it was getting dark, I was alone and in Berlin, so I thought I had better scoot on back to the hostel to get some food and get my dancing shoes on.

The next day, and if anyone reading this knows a thing about me, they will know of my infatuation with dinosaurs. I just can’t get enough of them. Every country, city or town I go to that have a natural history museum that houses a dinosaur, you will find me there. And what was so special about the dinosaurs here in Berlin?

They had the largest dinosaur fossil in Europe.

IMG_4135 IMG_4145 IMG_4258

I was blown away! It was almost like a dream come true for me to be standing next to something that once ruled the earth. I’ve always been so passionate about Dinosaurs but I’ve always struggled maintaining a project about them, as its something I want to thoroughly enjoy, not be rush through due to deadlines and thus losing enthusiasm toward the subject. So I am holding back until I have personal time to make a project for myself so that I can completely indulge myself in all things dinosaurs and fossils. (hooray!)

Then in another part of the section was like entering a new world. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

IMG_4221 IMG_4229 IMG_4234


After bumping into both David and Olivia whilst in the Neues Museum, I had explained to them how excited I had gotten over the Egyptians and after that they both recommended I go to the Pergamon Museum next door. So after the Natural History, that’s where I would be found.

On entering the museum I was already blown away. I visited both the Neues and Pergamon alone, and I found myself enjoying my time much more, as I could really focus and concentrate on the things that I could have passed by with distractions. This place was incredible, and I thoroughly remember gasping when I walked in. Almost everything took my breath away. I was ever so glad that I came here, and I was ever so glad that I had come here after seeing everything Egyptian in the Neues, as this place had more monuments and things such as jewels, bowls and cutlery, then statues and miniature buildings and cities that managed to broaden my insight into the Ancient Egyptian lifestyle.


IMG_4613  IMG_4646 IMG_4653 IMG_4643IMG_4654 IMG_4648IMG_4651  IMG_4677

It’s terribly hard not to clog up my blog with all the amazing photo’s I gathered from this trip, as I just want to share with you all how amazing everything was in the Pergamon. I have chosen to share these photo’s as these things really interested me and inspired me, and most importantly left me full of questions. What doe all these characters represent? Who were they? what were they symbols for? I wanted to learn more but unfortunately they didn’t offer and English translation for the descriptions, but that didn’t push me away. The colours were ever so important for me. The way they have been preserved is fantastic, and offers me a colour pallet to work from later down the line in my own work. I am extremely happy with all the research I have managed to collect from this trip, and it turned out to be very influential and inspiring.



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