How many yellow brick roads can there be?

 city – sit-ee – cit-ay


My first initial thoughts for this project went immediately to buildings (typical, really) but hey ho, it’s a starting point right?

Cities are beaming with the tall, confident modern business buildings, to those small, old and crooked churches (if those walls could speak, ay?) This for me struck a little chord inside of me, although nothing hugely exciting and/or inspirational. My thoughts went immediately to very detailed and intricate drawings of cities and buildings. My ideas were to have all these small and detailed drawings on thick card, draw a variety of different sections of cities from all over the world and piece it all together to have one very large (maybe A1 or even larger) final piece at the end of it all. To start myself off I thought I had better begin drawing and see how that feels.


So I went for a few wanders around the Cardiff City Centre to see if I could excite anything inside of me. I did a few drawings (and sneakily added a few more exciting-looking buildings) and added some watercolour, but as much as I (sort-of) enjoyed drawing the buildings, I realised it wasn’t the right route to follow: what I had taken from this experience, though, was that I did want to keep working with the idea of creating an intricate piece of art. Then my mind wandered.

Seeing as this project was offering us a lot more time then the previous ones, I felt as though I should really take advantage of that, maybe learn something new about myself? As an illustrator I am always drawing, is there not something else that I would like to explore and teach myself before I head out into the big wide world? I remembered for Christmas, my sister’s partner Adam Poxon, who is a full-time graphic designer, had bought me a wonderful book about paper-cutting for a gift. I spent the rest of the evening looking through, reading and learning about all these different artists who focus on paper-cutting, and all the different techniques and skills you can take from it. It’s fantastic! (10/10 would recommend reading!) So the next morning I woke up with that fresh idea kind of feel and jumped straight into making my own papercut. I wasn’t sure what to make it about, so I just went off what I was feeling. (so fine-arty)

20140421-172659.jpg 20140421-165056.jpg

So here’s (not my first papercut as I had to do one on my art foundation course) but the first one I actually wanted to do. Like I said I wasn’t sure what to do, so I began thinking of the whole concept of creating a piece of work and how much of that is down to your hands. So I drew around my hand and inside used a freshly sprouting tree in a garden to represent a new idea growing. I was pretty happy after I had finished, although I couldn’t say the same for my fingers! (ouch) Unfortunately, once again I couldn’t see myself pursuing this throughout my project. So out the window that went, too. I had to try something else.


The next idea that came to me is the one that I decided to mention to the girls in my collaborative group after I realised that YET AGAIN I DIDN’T WANT TO DO IT. Am I always this picky? (I don’t think I wanted to hear that answer…) But once again I really enjoyed exploring some new ideas and trying some new things out, it’s just a shame that I was not passionate enough about them to continue throughout the 11 weeks or so. So here I was reading ‘Victorian Architecture’ which opened me up to viewing buildings in a beautiful new light. I began to explore the idea of taking a drawing of a building from birds-eye view and sectioning off parts of the image so that the focus shifts onto the lines and the patterns.

If you want to read more about this idea as a whole and where we went with it, then follow this link:

Pretty soon, I’ll be in Berlin! This will be my 3rd time returning to Berlin. I have done the majority of the museums and the touristy things, so I am really going to focus on how this trip could benefit me and my project, seeing as I clearly do not have ANY idea what the hell I am going to do.



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