That walk-away-and-explore bit

I had a Matilda day!

I tottled down to the library and drowned myself in some books in the hope of finding some great inspiration to get me started with some sketches. Some of the books I took out the library are:

Victorian Architecture- James Stevens Curl

Architect- Richard Millar

English Architecture- David Watkin

Architecture Depends- Jeremy Tile

The main thing that all these books managed to show me was that as people it is very difficult for us to get a perfectly central birds-eye view of a building, therefore it is something that is often passed by and forgotten.

20140403-121739.jpg 20140403-121810.jpg 20140403-121756.jpg

Here are some snaps from inside my sketchbook. I scanned some of the images from the books that I really liked: they focus so well on the shape and the patterns that are created from a birdseye view of a building, aren’t they lovely? One thing that really caught my eye was the focus on Prisons and Hospitals, from the book Victorian Architecture. They have some very beautiful and intricate details that can provide us with a solid ground to work from, and I’m looking forward to showing the girls. So what we had all said to each other was to go away and all create our own drawings and interpretations from the research we had all decided to conduct.

20140403-134708.jpg 20140403-134719.jpg 20140403-134730.jpg 20140403-134741.jpg

So here are some of the sketches that I have produced from the research I carried out. They aren’t anything big and fabulous because we are only just starting out and are getting used to unfamiliar grounds. There is a mixture of sketches here; some of existing buildings such as ‘The Smith House’, then the upper level of the building too. The funky little buildings that you see is a site plan. This really caught my eye because on first appearance you wouldn’t assume that it is a site plan (unless you are an architect and know your way around all this building malarkey!) It’s fabulous! So after a few drawings I realised that it was time to look a little closer and think a little deeper in to what kind of buildings that I would enjoy drawing the most. Some of the buildings that I feel would be of great interest to me are:

Prisons, Hospitals, Churches, Cathedrals, Mosques and Arenas.



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