P R E S E N T A T I O N (1)

First presentations are up, and we are required to simply explain to the group and the tutors what our idea for this project is and how we are doing, explaining about what we have managed to achieve so far and how we are working together as a collaborative group. Leading up to the presentations we found it difficult to all find the time to meet up with each other and get the time to spend some solid thinking and brainstorming, but we managed it all the same!


When we arrived we saw that unfortunately Hebe was unable to make it, so it was only me and Hannah delivering the presentations. We had some time before to have a quick run through our ideas and compare our work once more. I had prepared to Powerpoint presentation at home and brought it into Tommy’s bar, but when we went to put it on James’ laptop, that old ancient thing that doesn’t see the light of day, it was too old to support the file! (crikey)

But worry not,I was prepared. I had brought in all of the books in which I had gathered information from for the presentation. So we improvised.We started from the beginning explaining everything that I have explained in my blog, about how we struggled at first but then it kicked off. We then showed our own work and handed out the books for the group to look at and spoke of the directions that our research had taken us, and how when we then met up with each other again our drawings were 50/50, similar but with our own twists. We ended the presentation with explaining where we plan to go next, and the group delivered back some feedback to us. (Everyone was lovely and helpful, even the bar staff in Tommy’s!)


Heath Hospital – Inside there is a miniature model sculpture of the hospital building. This was suggested to us with the intention that we travel there and we can get as close as we can to seeing the birdseye view of the building. This offers us some great sketching opportunities and for us to get better understanding of the birdseye view perspective.

ESA (European Space Agency) – This is an online resource, that allows us to look at buildings from space which is again giving us the birdseye view.

  *  *  * GOOGLE MAPS *  *  *

Some buildings were also suggested to us that could be of interest such as the Cathedral in Spain, which has a mosque on the top of it, and mirrors on the inside which reflect different art and shapes and so forth. Also the Capital Towers (in Cardiff?) which are the tallest buildings the we can get too. alongside the buildings, some artists were also suggested to us. Grayson Perry, Catherine Baxter and Gilbert and George were included in these.

DECISION MAKING TIME: So after a successful presentation me and Hannah were left with a healthy amount of information to take back to deliver to Hebe and to carry us through to next week. When we met with Hebe we explained everything to her and we decided to divide all of the information that we gathered and split it between us so that we can cover a lot of research. So after we met we decided that…

1: I would look into Grayson Perry, and then also have a look into the Cathedral that is in Spain.

2: Hebe would research Catherine Baxter and the Capital Towers.

3: And finally Hannah would research Gilbert and George and have a play on google maps.

We also decided that we would plan a trip to the hospital to have a look at the miniature scale building for reference. To get there we need to get the 38 bus which is straight there, where we can get some on-site drawings done and have a little adventure at the same time! And then we have said to get another 3 pieces of work done each for when we next meet on the Tuesday.

Away with you!


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